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careless adj
1 marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark" [ant: careful]
2 effortless and unstudied; "an impression of careless elegance"; "danced with careless grace"
3 (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration; "careless of the consequences"; "the proverbial grasshopper--thoughtless of tomorrow"; "crushing the blooms with regardless tread" [syn: careless(p), thoughtless(p), regardless]
4 showing an unthinking lack of consideration; "a careless remark"

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  1. Not giving sufficient attention or thought, especially concerning the avoidance of harm or mistakes.
    Jessica dressed so carelessly that she put her shorts on backwards.
  2. Not concerned or worried about.
  3. Showing no interest or effort.


not giving sufficient attention or thought
not concerned or worried about
showing no interest or effort

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absent-minded, accident-prone, airy, all thumbs, aloof, apathetic, arbitrary, artless, ataractic, awkward, barbarous, beat-up, bedraggled, behindhand, blase, blowzy, blunderheaded, blundering, boorish, bored, breakneck, bumbling, bungling, butterfingered, capricious, carefree, casual, chintzy, clownish, clumsy, clumsy-fisted, cumbersome, cursory, degage, delinquent, derelict, desperate, detached, devil-may-care, dilapidated, disheveled, disinterested, dispassionate, disregardant, disregardful, distant, distracted, distrait, drabbletailed, draggled, draggletailed, easy, easygoing, erroneous, faulty, feckless, fingers all thumbs, flippant, forgetful, free and easy, frowzy, frumpish, frumpy, fumbling, furious, gauche, gawkish, gawky, graceless, grubby, ham-fisted, ham-handed, harum-scarum, hasty, headlong, heavy-handed, heedless, hotheaded, hulking, hulky, hurried, impassive, impetuous, impotent, imprecise, improper, imprudent, in rags, inaccurate, inadequate, inadvertent, inattentive, incapable, incautious, inconsiderate, incorrect, incurious, indifferent, inelegant, inexact, inexcitable, infelicitous, informal, ingenuous, inobservant, insouciant, irresponsible, lackadaisical, lax, lazy, left-hand, left-handed, lenient, listless, loose, loutish, lubberly, lumbering, lumpen, lumpish, mad, maladroit, messy, mindless, mussy, neglectful, negligent, nonchalant, oafish, oblivious, offhand, overeager, overenthusiastic, overindulgent, overpermissive, overzealous, perfunctory, permissive, phlegmatic, pococurante, poky, ponderous, precipitant, precipitate, precipitous, ragged, raggedy, rash, raunchy, reasonless, reckless, regardless, relaxed, remiss, respectless, ruinous, scraggly, seedy, shabby, shoddy, slack, slap-bang, slapdash, slatternly, slipshod, sloppy, slovenly, sluttish, soft, solecistic, sordid, squalid, stiff, stolid, tacky, tactless, tattered, thoughtless, turned-off, unanxious, uncalculating, uncaring, unconcerned, uncouth, undiplomatic, undiscriminating, unfastidious, unfit, ungainly, ungraceful, ungrammatic, unguarded, unhandy, unheedful, unheeding, uninquiring, uninterested, uninvolved, unkempt, unmarking, unmindful, unneat, unnoticing, unnoting, unobservant, unobserving, unprepared, unqualified, unready, unreasoning, unreflecting, unreflective, unremarking, unrestrained, unsightly, unsolicitous, unstudied, untactful, unthinking, unthorough, unthoughtful, untidy, untroubled, unwary, unwieldy, unworried, wanton, weak, wild, withdrawn, wrecking, wrong
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